We helped BackPack Beginnings document the effects of their services to students in need.

In June of 2014, the Executive Director of BackPack Beginnings, Parker White, approached NESP for help with their surveys. Every Friday during the school year, BackPack Beginnings provides kid-friendly and nutritious food for the weekend to students in need.   To get a sense of how the program is working, they ask students, parents, teachers, social workers and principals to complete a survey which asks, among other things, about the food in the bags and the effect adults believe they may be having on the children. There were three areas with which BackPack Beginnings needed help: conversion of paper-based surveys to an electronic data in the form of spreadsheets, summary analysis of the data, and recommendations for survey development and improvement. Members of NESP entered, analyzed and summarized over 850 responses to four different surveys, and they offered a number of refinements to make the surveys more efficient and reliable.



When The Barnabas Network needed help identifying ways to improve their impact, we worked with them to develop an evaluation plan.

The Barnabas Network provides gently used and refurbished furniture to those in need, including those who have lost their belongings to fire, those who are moving from homelessness, and those who are recovering from other major setbacks. The Barnabas Network approached NESP in June 2014 for help determining how well they are meeting their mission goals. At the heart of the matter, two questions emerged: How do basic home furnishings aid in a client’s transition from setback? Can The Barnabas Network improve the way it functions, in terms of both service delivery and its own sustainability? NESP worked with the Executive Director, Erin Stratford, to develop a logic model of the organization to get a sense of how the organization operates, as well as to put together an evaluation plan to address those questions about impact and implementation.



We are assisting The Music Academy of North Carolina improve their electronic file management system.

The Music Academy of North Carolina has been offering music education in the Piedmont for over 30 years. While The Music Academy is interested in pursuing larger program evaluation interests, they wanted to first address their electronic file management practices, as their files had become difficult to navigate due in large part to the organization’s longevity. NESP spent time on site to conduct a limited data inventory to develop a snapshot of their data management practices. We are currently in the process of analyzing the results of the inventory and writing a report detailing the patterns that emerged from the inventory, and presenting recommendations for how to implement a records management protocol.